Russ Nixon
Classical USA
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These are my thoughts, my dreams... this is the music in my head. I compose and produce because if I don't I am incomplete.
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Written for my beautiful, intelligent, always capable, imaginative daughter who is as light as air, as powerful as the wind, and as amazing as my love for her is deep.
Album: Begin Peak in sub-genre #40
My wife wanted me to dance with her... so I wrote a song I could dance to.
Album: Our Christmas Peak in sub-genre #10
Auld Lang Zyne
Album: Lifetime Peak in sub-genre #26
I recorded this in October of 1996; I was 17. I had just gotten my O1/W and the inspiration was abundant.
Peak position #52 1 1
I believe there is something bigger than I am out there.. as soon as I let go, the music comes from somewhere beyond me
Peak in sub-genre #10 2
This song has carried us through a very tumultuous time on our journey.. Overcoming, we are now emerging on the other side.
Album: Our Christmas Peak in sub-genre #9 2 1
Our version of the old carol - I Saw Three Ships
Album: Begin 1
Written for film. Inspired by life... and Shakespeare.
Album: Begin Peak position #9 2 4
For the birth of my nephew... who is now 6. Enjoy your journey, Aaron
Album: Lifetime Peak position #39
Album: Our Christmas Peak in sub-genre #12
Album: Begin Peak in sub-genre #25
Written during a difficult time in my marriage...
Album: Our Christmas
Russ performed & recorded this song as a tribute to Michael W Smith. Vocals are Russ Nixon & Ellie Makinster; instrumentation is Russ Nixon. Original song written & performed by Michael W Smith & can be purchased at
Album: Begin Peak position #58
Written for my wife.
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