Phil Berbig
Acoustic Plymouth, MN  USA
Thank you!
I played guitar in bands until my early 20s when my first of four beautiful and wonderful kids were born. I set the guitar down for 25 years to get a regular job (and later to pay child support - which I never missed). One day I picked up a guitar in an antique store, and even though it had been 25 years, I instantly fell back in love with making music. Since then I've been a part of the Twin Cities music scene. I play wineries, breweries, weddings, corporate events, cafes, theaters, concerts, just about any other venue you could think of! My goal is to be the first person over 60 to win a Grammy for Best New Artist!
Band/artist history
Starting about 2005 I began playing coffee shops and just about any other open mic or free gig I could find. I still play in the Twin Cities and around the state of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. I am always looking for places to play.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Many many times. One performance that really stands out is an evening at the History Theater in St. Paul with my good friend and occasional bass player Steven C. Rod
Your musical influences
Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Train, Cold Play, Cat Stevens, Chuck Berry and just about any singer songwriter.
What equipment do you use?
A cheap acoustic guitar that I won't have to worry about when a drunk walks on stage to talk to me and he trips on the cord.
Anything else?
You should book me: email me at
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