Jeremy Wooten
Metal Newport News, VA  USA
Thank you!
I have been playing guitar for 20 years. I'm mainly a guitarist, but I also play bass, drums, and piano. I am a songwriter/composer. I generally do variations o
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#83 (Sub-genre)
A cover I did of The Cure's song To Wish Impossible Things, just for fun. Despite the pretty damn decent sound quality I recorded it on my cell phone! lol
Peak position #27
Inspired by the music of Nino Rota.
Peak position #24
Extended metal mix of Jeremy Wooten's song "Snippet".
Peak position #32
A heavy metal/ Dark metal song entitled Devil's Night Dance. Composition by Jeremy Wooten.
Peak position #28
A cover of Jonathan Larson's song One Song Glory from the musical Rent
Peak position #55
A Heavy Metal version of the song "One Song Glory" from the musical "Rent".
Peak in sub-genre #52
An unfinished, not EQed, mixed, or mastered version of my new song Devil's Night/ Stay tuned for the finished version!
Peak in sub-genre #77
Re Mixed and mastered version of Song X. Was mainly just trying to bring the drums out of oblivion, and clean up the guitar since this was done before I had an interface. Let me know what you think, and enjoy!
Peak position #33
A remixed/mastered version of Requiem. Still learning the ropes of mixing. But I think I'm getting better. If you've got time. compare the older version and the newer version. I did not re record anything for this. Just took the base tracks that were
Peak in sub-genre #42
This is a song I call Snippet. Just a small riff that turned in to a very short song. Hope you enjoy.
Peak position #34
It's a song that I did a while back before I had all the right equipment. I learned a bit about mixing, and mastering since then and gave it a go for fun on my older tracks. Here is the 1st!
Peak position #83
An unfinished version of a collaboration song I am doing. This is the part I have written.
Peak in sub-genre #62
An Incomplete version of "Alone". A song I wrote, and am doing in Remorseless music International.
Peak in sub-genre #59
Unfinished version of a song I am doing in Remorseless Music International.
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