Pamela Marshall
Classical Lexington, MA  USA
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Quinteto: 2. Colours Out of Space
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Quinteto sobre los Poemas de Carlos Pintado, for strings and piano, performed by the South Beach Chamber Ensemble at South Beach Up North 2009, in Wausau, WI.
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August 20, 2009
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Bitrate: 128 kbps. Runtime: 7:21. File size: 6.74 MB.
Writer (words/music)
Pamela J. Marshall
2009 Pamela J. Marshall
Story behind the song
Each movement of the Quinteto is based on a poem by Cuban poet Carlos Pintado. In the South Beach performances, he read the poems before each movement, setting an imaginative and reflective mood. In Colours, Pintado thinks about where colors come from, how could we not ask? The music is energetic and "colorful", using the full palette of sounds the strings and piano can make, including inside-the-piano, glissandi, and eerie on-the-bridge playing by the doublebass at the end.
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