Metal Bergen, Norway
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Gravfest is an extreme metal band from Bergen, Norway. We started out in october 2008, we have a few rough unmixed laptop recordings on the internet, but we will record an EP as soon as we can!
Band/artist history
Gravfest was formed in Bergen, Norway, around October 2008. The band formed when guitarist Jostein and drummer Pyro both wanted to play in a black metal band. However they still needed more members, so Jostein?s friend Kristopher joined. Originally Kristopher was going to play guitar, but he decided to switch to do the vocals instead. In addition, Pattrick joined on bass guitar in May 2009. Line-up Pyro - Drums Kristopher Morales - Vocals Jostein Thomassen - Guitar Patrick Sundal - Bass
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've played 3 shows here in Bergen. They all were great fun, and we can't wait to play live again! its the best thing ever to play for all the crazy headbanging moshers here in bergen!
Your musical influences
death, thrash and black metal in general. Some bands that inspire us: Slayer, Darkthrone, Municipal Waste, Cannibal Corpse, Aura Noir, Lamb of God, Mayhem, Sepultura..
Anything else?
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