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HipHop Willmingtion, NC  USA
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Peak in sub-genre #27
just ANOTHER freestyle, this time with me and dmag 44, and a little hook...yea
Peak in sub-genre #19 1
this was a freestyle, and the first verse still is the same, but i re did the rest, just something i got f*** ed up and started doing...i kept switchin back to english and my slang...kinda weird
Peak in sub-genre #81
got f*** ed up, and started to free style this is me and dmag 44, dont know where the beat came from, this whole project was like...15 min, editing and everything, just fun...eh...heh
Peak in sub-genre #69
beat: shot change, backwards i had this ever since i've had last regret, more like a week apart, but..i lost my internet, but now, i'm back and i'm going to be releasing songs alot more often
Peak in sub-genre #19 1
**BEAT by - short change** a nice little beat, i just wanted to write something to it
Peak in sub-genre #12
*beat by Absalute Productions* a freestyle, we were just tryin diff sh** , order-ridd, 350, blaze, ridd, blaze, ridd
Peak in sub-genre #30
just a freestyle, with a fort minor beat, just waiting for a mic before i'll start writting, untill then, im stuck freestylen
Peak in sub-genre #54 1
2bit peaces, halved freestyled, off mic....heh but its ok
Peak in sub-genre #67
rolling a blunt and freestylen, and then smoking a blunt and freestylen....same mic tho..:(
just a nice freestyle
Peak in sub-genre #89 1
low quality mic, freestyle
Peak in sub-genre #96 1
just felt like rapping
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