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This is my daughter singing this song. One take no vocal pitch correction or anything else for that matter just compression.
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Sometimes the most obvious thing to do is the most difficult.
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Cover Song of Tenth Avenue North
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Great song originally performed by Michael English. This is an arrangement my closest friend and I did a few years ago. All instruments except for E. Guitar, Bass recorded at KerussoStudio. Mixed at Kerusso Studios Hope you like it.
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This is a cover tune of a song I originally heard performed by Bradford Marsalis. This version was recorded and mixed at Kerusso Recording Studios.
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This is an original song I wrote. This project with the exception of Bass and Electric guitars were recorded and mixed Kerusso Recording Studio. Bass Guitar performed by Warren Willingham. Guitar performed by Mark Cline and Keys by Marc Williams.
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This is a song written and performed by a friend of mine, Giles Blankenship. With the exception of Electric Guitar and Organ, all instruments recorded and mixed at Kerusso Recording Studios.
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This is a recording of my daughter when she was 2 years old singing Open The Eyes of My Heart. Be patient to hear her it's a hoot to listen to. Hope you get a kick out of listening to this as I do. Rich
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This song is a Remix that I did of audio provided by The material was licensed for learning/remix purposes. Rich
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Cover Tune of The Eagles
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I had a personal goal to have this cover tune finished by Christmas 2011. It never happened. Enjoy!
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