The Gibsonian
Electronic Mount Hope, WV  USA
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I've been been experimenting with recording and composing since 1972 while majoring in music composition. I soon fell in love with electronic music, primarily because it allowed me to compose and perform with great flexibility. And since that time, as electronic music technology progressed, I continued to make music with various generations of synths and digital recording methods as fantasist "new toys" were developed. It's been fun ride. So what type of music do I create? Sorry. I can't help you there. I have no idea. In general, I hate musical classifications systems that attempt to put a song into a given category. According to Wikipedia's article on music, "... there is no single and intercultural universal concept defining what music might be, except that it is 'sound through time'." Basically, I prefer to experiment rather than trying to emulate any particular style of music. That said, I will readily admit to having done a great deal of work within conventional music genres over the years with various performance, recording, production, and writing projects.
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