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Peak position #39
A track depicting a warrior in his last battle.
Peak position #35
This a song I composed to play at my sister's wedding in August
Peak position #10
14th July 1789 - Paris March on the Bastille was the beginning of the French Revolution. This is my musical take on the event.
Peak position #97
The Classic chase movie soundtrack.....did they get away?
Peak position #89 3 2
This was a song I composed and Deon Ashton cleverly wrotel yrics and sang them to add to the track. I thin you will agree what a good job he did too!!
Peak position #71 1 1
The American Civil War is over The defeated Confederates are coming home. They are weary and long for their loved ones. Some have been away a long time and just want to return to normality........
Peak in sub-genre #85 1
This track was signed by Skybound Entertainment in the US.This is the sequel to 'Journey to Death' and I hope I have depicted in music terms the horrors of this subject.The innocents are being marched to their deaths ...........
Peak in sub-genre #87 2 1
This is a game soundtrack which won a competition on MP3 Unsigned .com this month. The final journey to the mother ship for our hero having to negotiate the Asteroid storm before safety of home.....
Peak position #74 2 3
The Last stand of an outstanding warioir
Peak position #92 1 1
Album: Beyond Polaris Peak position #24 1
Imagine travelling across space and time and the emotions you might experience on seeing the Moon for the first time.
Peak position #13 10 12
My entry for the CBC for August. Hope you enjoy it.......
Peak position #11 8 8
My entry for the July challenge. An oriental feel to this track. Hope you like it.
Peak position #69 1 1
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