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Album: Songs of the Earth Peak in sub-genre #31
An inspirational song of haunting beauty that speaks to us as the earth mother. She is pleading and appealing to mankind to change its ways.
Trudging through the desert under the blazing tireless sun, the nomad plods on in seek of an oasis and respite.
A song of the spirits of the wood.
This song represents the long, arduous pilgrimage that many Tibetans make to reach the holy city of Lhasa.
Nature in the raw. The fields of battle among predator and prey among the savannas of Africa.
A song of the Prince Siddhartha.
A song of the tide coming in at sunset.
After the glaciers and polar icecaps have melted, little arable land is left. This is a song of hope and struggle as refugees battle the stormy seas looking for a last refuge.
Peak in sub-genre #30 2
This is a complete demo representing every track on the disc. It spans the world in its scope of instrumentation and style. Enjoy.
Album: A Christmas Caravan Peak position #49 1 2
This moving chant has been adapted to a string orchestra, percussion, bag pipes, among other instruments giving it a very pleasant and inspirational treatment to the song. The depth of the percussion and ethnic instruments make it rich and soothing.
Album: A Christmas Caravan Peak position #59 1
This is a fun and spirited arrangement of Jingle Bells that takes you back to the swing era and straight down to New Orleans for some good old fashioned fun.
Album: A Christmas Caravan Peak in sub-genre #29 1 2
A very lush and pastoral symphonic work based on We Three Kings.
Album: A Christmas Caravan Peak in sub-genre #10
This charming short carol was arranged for a traditional Celtic band. It was augmented with original melodies to give it more breadth.
Album: A Christmas Caravan Peak in sub-genre #62
This is a nice light, mostly guitaristic and folksy version of this popular carol.
Album: A Christmas Caravan Peak position #84 1
Originally commissioned for the Kalamazoo Bach Festival Chorus, this version has been arranged for string quartet, three guitars, and two flutes. It was written with flamenco idioms and Bach part writing.
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