Band of Asians
Alternative San Francisco, CA  USA
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Sexually frustrated college students that played metal in their garage. Rest in peace (2005-2008). 5 guys. Different hairdos. Different ethnicities. Different tastes in music. We all came from different bands from the Bay Area scene. WE ALL PLAYED DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS... We were Band of Asians, AKA Power Trip. We jammed a lot on our days off school while attending CCSF, wrote a bunch of crazy fucked up songs. The songs that made up jump around, bang our heads and smoke some blunts. We laughed and had the time of our lives. The social-media (serious people) didn't really take us seriously and the songs we made. So we did the DIY thing like the rest of our friends in bands did. Those nights we had the time of our lives being in our early 20s was filled with Big Macs, KFC, Coca Cola and being sexually frustrated without even landing a hot date. After school we turn on the old plasma TV and WWE Monday Night Raw was on. Then Real World Denver, of course. We all laughed. Then things got serious. We began playing a few shows in the city by the Bay (AKA Frisco) and became the toast of the town. We then went into the studio and laid down more songs. Exit our flakey ass bass player, enter our good friend Cory on bass. We were just a metal garage band with fantasies of ruling the airwaves. Then again, our 49ers failed to recapture their glory days. Bummed out, we punished ourselves by jamming late at night at Patrick's house and trying to book a show. We spent the next year planning for the "MASTER PLAN." A&R men, calling up Diamond Dave to play a show at City, putting ourselves out there on MySpace and Soundclick. Of course, PS2, playing basketball, Tilt Arcade, pizza and occasionally delving into masturbation and the plasma TV to get our minds off figuring out life and baseball season (otherwise known as the SLOW SEASON). KLC called us and said that we should play some small shows at some Rec Centers in SF. So we did! San Francisco was our home and we were Forever 21. Like the name of that one store you see at the mall. Cory had an idea to put ourselves on the map. Eddie was too busy with his other band. So we waited. Plans were planned. Then our good friend Eddie left us for Olympus. Cory drifted apart from us. We still see him sometimes. Zack forgot all about us and ditched us to go to UC Santa Barbara. Patrick and David took some time away from each other, then reconnected. Starting something new and fresh known to the world as PLB. We cried. But that's life. "REVENGE" is all the time we spent together.
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Former Members: Patrick Lew - Rhythm Guitar Eddie Blackburn - Lead Guitar David Arceo - Drums, Synthesizers Zack Huang - Keyboards Cory Gaitan - Bass
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