Karl Rose
Rock United Kingdom karlrose.co.uk
Thank you!
Just me, my instruments, and home studio. All the songs here are written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself.......... the rest is imagination.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not performing my own material, I used to - but spend all my time recording now. I do perform live as a solo cover act called Rockin' ROB more details on that venture can be found here
Your musical influences
Too many to mention, my favourite all time band are The Stranglers, not that you'd know that from my own music though.
What equipment do you use?
Latest version of Sonar Producer Edition - fantastic studio software. All songs here are recorded, mixed and mastered with it. Allen & Heath ZED-R16 console monitoring via Behringer Truth Mackie MCU & XT controllers Mics are... Condensers - SE Electronics 1000a, Matched pair of Behringer C-2s. Dynamics - Shure SM58, SM57 & a Behringer XM8500 General effects processing - Digitech Studio Quad V2 Compressor - Phonic PCL 3200 Electric guitars are PRS SE Torero, Fender Stratocasters, one standard and one HM series. Effects processors for guitars are Boss GT-6 and Yamaha FX900. Amplifiers are Marshall JCM600 & MG30DFX, Laney Pro-linebacker PL100H & Session Rockette 30. Peavey Milestone Bass Casio & Edirol keyboards Hardware synthesizer - Roland Sonic Cell - Behringer BCF 2000 controller Zoom MRT-3 & Alesis SR-16 Drum machines. ART tube preamp, Samson and Behringer DI boxes. Software instruments, synths and modellers include Rapture, Z3TA+, Dim Pro, Revalver, Guitar Rig 3, TH2, True Pianos and many more.....
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