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This is a new independent record label from South Florida that Produce's Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rap Music, etc...
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#45 (Sub-genre) 2
J-Pimp (Feat.Daniel South) - Too Get This Money
Peak position #62
J-Pimp (Feat.Bruce Bawss the Don) - Rock Star Life
Peak in sub-genre #95
J-Pimp (Feat.Super Nova) - Last Heart Beat
Peak position #90
J-Pimp - Master Of Ceremony (new single)
Peak position #78
J-Pimp - Mask On (freestyle rap)
J-Pimp (Feat.MTGeezy) - Get Yo Money Up (new single)
Peak position #48
J-Pimp (Feat.Young Zoe, Fla Boi, MTGeezy & Daniel South) - We Smoke Loud
Peak position #36
J-Pimp (Feat.1Legend, Bad Guy & Bruce Bawss) - Bank Rolls
Peak position #28
J-Pimp - Grind Hard (single)
Peak position #26
J-Pimp (Feat.DJ Studda) - High Times
Peak in sub-genre #40
J-Pimp (Feat.Bean Caleon & Bruce Bawss) - F*** Tha Law
Peak position #50 1
J-Pimp (Feat.Bean Caleon & DJ Studda) - Black House
Peak position #28
J-Pimp (Feat.DJ Studda, Daniel South & Bruce Bawss) - Not Guilty
Peak position #72 1
J-Pimp (Feat.Bean Caleon) - Down In The City
Peak in sub-genre #11
J-Pimp - Passion like Fire (single)
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Instrumentals - Pop
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