Eyes of Oedipus
Alternative San Diego, CA  USA
Thank you!
Two men, one dented POD, a korean guitar and a half broken guitar, and a computer overloaded with viruses.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet. There's only two of us and this project has just begun.
Your musical influences
Meshuggah, Bulb, Darkest Hour, sleep deprevation, the sound of a lawn mower running out of gas, jake's farts etc.. Anything polymetric or polyrhythmic.
What equipment do you use?
Four half broken cables. One used POD XT. A half broken used 100$ Ibanez (Except for recordings done with Chris's LTD). A computer you have to unplug to turn off. Almost everything is jimmy rigged to work
Anything else?
We love milk and pizza!
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