Pop somewhere down that crazy river, FL  USA
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#29 (Sub-genre) 1
This is about the sad state of radio these days. The same six songs all day every day!
#74 (Main)
Never should have happened.
#31 (Sub-genre) 2 1
A Break up song
Peak position #3 1 2
A longer version that names names
Peak in sub-genre #15 2
A tribute to June Jackish and, Marcie, "not Marcia" Ungs!
Peak in sub-genre #18 1
For a friend
Peak position #22 2 1
A love Song
#68 (Sub-genre) 1
Part 2 of Walk with Me
Peak position #61
Peak position #58 1
Boer War murders
Peak position #84
A national nightmare.
#83 (Sub-genre)
Hey Cabana Boy. Why don't you take this little umbrella, put it behind your ear, get up on that table, rip that skirt off and dance for me!
Peak in sub-genre #70
Peak in sub-genre #30 2 1
A fading dream
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