Countree Jack and the Beagles
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Update...They are trying to put me into podcast which is the corner with a dunce cap for all i know. The irony is that supposedly Dunce had theories that were once celebrated, but when they shunned him it also includes the Dunce cap? I heard it through the grapevine. Some Country songs have been moved because of the move including American Idle Charlie Daniels parody of American Idol. The sub genre on songs go as high as 1 to 12, and one is 468th place! Exciting! i put up some absurd versions which charted better. I think this place is a ghost town...If AND When the net goes down then you will find out what a ghost town is. So download what you want while you can. Unplug and get out as its healthier than staring into phone etc... A good portion goes towards helping those in need. American Idle is Dimo's favorite. GIDEEup, MO7S, RockyWright & CountreeJackandtheBeagles Only $2.00 per song (some random free download) or 3.33 to 7.77 an album. (c)copyright 2019 Rocky Wright All rights reserved. I listen to the radio here so my won (dyslexia) own stuff shows up, and then I might have fallen asleep with the thing going nonstop. So, I want to get an honest count by liking the page, but i really had to,,,not really liking it THAT MUCH! Ha! Back in the daze I told everybody I was starting A one man band, which became RW's Countree Jack and the Beagles which started out just practicing Beatles and Eagles karaoke, and it grew from there to parody. I had a following, but it is not about me so i left myspace after i found this place here. You ever notice the promise with no payout? Do not (I mean donut) trust it. Musicians work hard, and I know since my roomates back then were in a band . I even wrote a few songs for them, and today ....I still cannot find them! Even with the internut...There was no deception that it was all me. I wrote some original writings, but If the world hates you then rejoice! It is all temporary. Parody is cheap, yet funny. And photoshop is amusing. and donut forget to visit the other page at ((:) Cheers, +rocky+ ps+be sure to tip, and donut smoke in bed.
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Some songs are really strange. Check out Countree Jack and the Beagles on soundclick also for different songs and versions with my surprise sound effects and mixes and loops which are PROTECTED BY LAW, but remember there is One higher (c) copyright 2005 to 2019 RockyWright to 2020 to...i could go on ((:) Tough crowd... Anyway please take a listen, and when you buy songs you also give as charity is the GREATEST. I need a hacker who aint a slouch on the dark web to find 21 songs like this one. Send it to rockywright or rockywrightx at yehaw email OR ya hoo. This is the hacker challenge to see who can fetch mp3 files from an mp4 player. Mucho appecie ate it yo! Keep smiling, Rocky
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"There are people in this world who are crazy, and God knows I'm not one of them"
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