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Acoustic western NY, USA
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Gabe Stenziano
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#53 (Sub-genre) 36 34
When it hits the fan i hope that someone is there for you. Dan added the strings.
#29 (Sub-genre) 19 30
the plan: write a simple song and find two incredibly talented guys to make it sound good. Brett Service (acoustic, keyboard, harmony) and Mike Duran (lead guitar/synth) are all over this one.
Peak position #3 29 26
There's more than one wilderness. My son, Dan, kindly added the piano
Peak position #3 26 23
For the CBC 'Daydream' challenge. The opening lyrics are from Lewis Carroll in 'through the looking glass'. The closing segment is the classic credited to Epiphalet Orem Lyte. Many are the days I've misplaced my oars...
Peak position #10 27 25
finger picked acoustic with bass and a soft lead
Peak position #69 36 34
and yet another existential crisis gave birth to this one. i've always considered the harmonica a wonderfully expressive instrument. fun to play too.
Peak position #14 26 26
i am truely haunted by ghosts of the past, and as a consequence, a raging insomniac. middle of the night lyrics, always my favorite. the photo is of my home in the woods, 1975
Peak position #23 19 17
You are what you sing.
Peak position #7 21 19
my oldest son, Jake, kept asking for a reggae song. this is the closest i could come up with.
Peak position #4 20 20
One of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard. Jude was kind enough to allow me to create a version of the song with lyrics and voice. Thanks so much, Jude, it was a privilege.
Peak position #36 21 21
my son, Dan, on piano and alto sax. about one of those who am i, where am i goin' moments.
Peak position #11 20 19
Sometimes you have to take a chance or something special may pass you by. My talented friend, Philip Bryant, added the violin and mandolin tracks. thanks Phil, sounds great.
Peak position #16 22 20
the song was done as an instrumental by Russ Deane. i asked if i could add lyrics and vocal and he kindly agreed. he's written a beautiful melody and i feel priviliged to have had this opportunity. he also plays all of the instruments.
Peak position #36 24 20
first of a three part series based on Siddhartha of Hermann Hesse fame in conjunction with Michael Duran. Michael has written and performed all the music and did the mixing. i contributed melody, lyric, and vocal.
Peak position #4 25 29
Brett Service harmony, organ, plus mixing and mastering. Mike Duran plays slide, and Steve Layman the piano. thank you, gentlemen, sounds great.
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