bryan arzaga
Rock Milwaukee, USA
Thank you!
I'm nobody special, just another guy that likes playing guitars and making music :D
Band/artist history
i cant remember...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes, i get invited to do stuff, usually small gigs. Playing guitar is a special moment for me
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Upgraded to.. Audio Interface: Cakewalk Sonar Power Studio 25! really looks like an Edirol Unit Amps: Blackstar HT-5's + Sennheiser e609 Mic + OSPDL330 Mic Guitars: Ibanez RG2020X, Ibanez RG1527, Ibanez 3120, Ibanez 1608, Ibanez USRG30 Amber, Ibanez USRG30 Green, Ibanez RT150, ESP LTD MH103, some other guitars :D Effects: Artec Soloist, Artec SEDL Delay, Ibanez Demon Wah, Shun OD808, Artec Twinhead, Biyang AD7, Boss OD2, Artec Eq, Artec Chorus, Artec Phaser, Accessories: Guitarheads Pickups Hexbuckers and Zbuckers( Dunlop mini stubbies 3.0mm Xinqi Pickups 5150 Cables ( AzGuitarparts Locking nuts ( 1 Spot Pedal Adapters Bass: Ibanez SR405 E-Drum: Yoki DD908
Anything else?
I just like writing music that's in my head :D
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