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Sharma let me play all the backing tracks to her voice and guitar on this song she wrote a few years ago,start of many collaborations. She passed away September 5th 2009 in a car accident along with her father. I will always love and miss her.
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In loving memory of Sharma K 1968-2009
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remake of a Hendrix classic using modern equipment (Boss GT 8) not a note for note rendition
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Modified (by me) backing tracks. GT-8 and Strat.
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Remake of a Brian May tune. Not a backing track here..I played all of it. Wish I'd had my Aslin Dane RS at the time, but my Strat did alright I guess.
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Archie let me put some guitar on this, it's her tune.
Modified (by me) backing tracks -GT-8 Strat
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Scratch recording of new guitar Aslin Dane Bohemian. Delay-Chorus-Soldano sim-Dynamic sensitivity turns on distorted CH. and effects. no overdubs. GT-8 straight into Boss BR-1600CD recorder.Mini-Humbucker in bridge throughout. Test.
Variation of a classic..Canon in D major (I used a different key 'C' ) done entirely with a guitar going through a Boss GT-8
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Strat and GT-8
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