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A song about stuck in a cycle in life where you just want to get the heck outta there.
#43 today (Main)
Did a little solo project to change the pace a bit. Hope, you like this interplay between guitar and sax! Peace be with you!!
#52 today (Main)
Collaborator(s): Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
I just came up with this little arrangement a while ago and Carol Sue put her lyrics and vocals to this little Country Blues tune. Thanks for listening! :)
#12 today (Sub-genre)
New release by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick and I which could well turn into another album... but, it will be musically all over the genres! Enjoy :)
Peak position #7
Played two acoustics and a bass for some additional flavor! Hope, you enjoy! :)
#92 today (Main)
I was inspired by Larryr Campbell's video with his classical guitar, I had to restring my Alvarez and came up with this little tune. So, thanks, Larryr for the inspiration! Hope, you all enjoy the music just a bit. I'm a bit rusty!
#45 today (Main)
Collaborator(s): Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
Carol Sue wrote the lyrics and sang this little number I arranged and produces.
Peak position #5
Collaborator(s): Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
Carol Sure Kirkpatrick shines on this one, even has a vibe of Stevie Nicks, writing and singing the lyrics. I just provided the backing track for her :) Hope, you enjoy!!!
#18 today (Sub-genre)
Our 3rd collaboration... awesome lyrics and vocals (3 vocal tracks) by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick!!! Another one is coming soon and it will be a Blues tune! Hope you enjoy this one :)
Peak position #22
Collaborator(s): Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
Collab 4 for our album "All About Love". Hope you enjoy! :)
Peak position #9
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