Chad Pike
Rock Dacula, GA  USA
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Contemporary Christian Rock and Blues
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#65 (Main)
Paying tribute to a college friend who passed away unexpectedly
Peak in sub-genre #10
Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13
Peak position #18
about having God available for help when we're tempted
Peak position #21
About what it's like being left-handed in a right-handed world
#58 (Sub-genre) 1
Story about a relationship with a girl I dated many, many years ago
Peak position #34
about not knowing if I'm on the right path on my life's journey and getting clarification from God about which way to go
Peak position #42
Song about not knowing what to pray for
#32 (Sub-genre)
Written after experiencing a very frustrating day...
#33 (Sub-genre)
Song attempting to describe homelessness
#67 (Sub-genre)
set a friend's dream to music
#60 (Sub-genre)
Christmas Song!
Peak position #16
Reaching out to God for help when things are not going well
Peak position #13 1
Comparing a breakup to worn out jeans
Peak position #9
inspired by a sleepless night a fellow classmate had at our Class Reunion
Peak position #22
I was blessed to be part of a reunion this summer of some friends from high school who were members of a band back in the day called "Touch of Sin". This song recalls that reunion and features one of the band members, Ken Reed, on electric guitar.
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