Mark Wheatley
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Mark Wheatley is influenced by prog rock, heavy metal, folk, classical and soundtrack recordings. This graphic novel creator blends melody and sonic textures as
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A short love song set during an interstellar war. We've all been there!
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A prog rock epic!
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A song about a man who fights his desire to make love with a woman from 'the other side of the tracks'. The music is performed by Mark Wheatley and the harmony vocal is by Frances Cincotta.
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If you ever wished you were a fly on the wall of an artist's studio - watching as the artist draws and paints - then the video this music is a soundtrack for is something you should watch.
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If you make your living playing music, a lot of people might just think that is the easy life. We know better! Composed and performed by Mark Wheatley. The theme song for the EZ Street graphic novel free at
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It's a good life, if you don't weaken. Stay strong, follow the dream. Composed and performed by Mark Wheatley.
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A theme song for a pulp adventure promo video that will premiere at the San Diego Comic Con. Composed & performed by Mark Wheatley - who you can meet in person at booth #2308 at the SDCC.
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The violin is one of the most expressive and emotional instruments. The strings must be attached to our hearts.
A goofy cartoon of a song, composed and performed by Mark Wheatley on keyboards, bass and chains! The theme music for the FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER comic - free to read at
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Heavy influence from the Moody Blues in this one. Composed & performed by Mark Wheatley. Rhythm guitar - Ted Steranko, Lead Guitar - Rich Rankin.
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Two songs from the Dracula Suite. First Dracula introduces himself to a young lady. Then on a snowy night Dracula hunts with a pack of wolves. Both are composed and performed by Mark Wheatley with Guitar by Tim Truman.
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This is about the first night that Dracula was a vampire, the first night he hunted for blood. Composed and performed by Mark Wheatley. Lead guitar by Rich Rankin, rhythm guitar by Ted Steranko.
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No one will ever believe in your dreams unless you do. Is that such a radical idea? Composed and performed by Mark Wheatley. Lead guitar by Mark Dawson.
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A little flute, a little Mellotron and a lot of influence from the Moody Blues. Music composed and performed by Mark Wheatley.
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