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Mellosonic aka Chris J. Brown, Keyboardist, Audio Engineer, Now writing material for T.V. and Movie Soundtrax...Contemporary Electronic/Urban type style. Has la
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Tune by Mellosonic, Vocals by Rodrica Rudge Remix by Mellosonic
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a friend of mine recorded this at 3am when I was just sitting around waiting for the guys to finish packing up.
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Jazz from Front Page Studio in Burbank before it closed down. Mellosonic/Piano,Organ - Rob Brown/Drums,Bass - Barry Gurlie/Composer, Synthesizers
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Soundclick Collaboration - made on 2 different continents - Groove By Mellosonic - USA...Lyrics, Melody and Vocals by Rodrica Rudge - UK...DJ:???
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Mixed Latin and Urban groove with organ solo - made in 1996 - early mellosonic - funky stuff
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was messin around with some old skool gear, mpc2000 and yamaha dx7 - recorded into an ADAT 8track, mixed on a Neve VR console - phat city...
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Recorded this at West LA music when I was a rep for Akai Products - recorded on an Akai DPS12 - instruments used - Akai mpc2000, Korg M1 keyboard, roland s50 sampler....
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Put it in my pocket and save it like rocket fuel...peace
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Urban triphop with Mellosonic producing and performing with rapperz 'Ill Knob and Kenny Ken', straight up stoner groove....
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Just mashed up some stuff that I had, and ate it, got a terminal illness...either that or brain damage...this is a rave jam
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This was composed in 1996 behind 2 basic loops that wound up on a lot of later albums - see if you can hear them - classic mellosonic
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mellosonic and fungus dace - collaboration - guitar improv by fungus, keys by mello
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This is a remix of an old some Isley bros grooves and some breakbeats, dj scratching, and funky bass synths - definitely dance floor material
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Hip Hop with sonic bubbles - and ya don't stop
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