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Nothing special, just posting some songs, pieces and ideas. I'm a fool for ballads and slowblues, so that's what you'll find here, most of my recordings are o
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#84 (Sub-genre) 1
Me, just goofin' on the London City Spitfire stratocaster I got me 2 weeks ago. Strat, Egnater Tweaker 15 and the Gmajor for reverb, thats all.
Peak position #12 2 2
A surprise upload from a older collab I did with a musical friend. He played all the keys (piano,organ and sax) I did the guitar tracks. I left some space for new inserts :)
Peak position #6 7 1
A soundfile I discarded earlier while fooling around with my Fender strat, Cybertwin and Okko Diablo overdrive. After listening again while working I decided to mix it and place it here anyway.
Peak position #4 12 7
With the thought in mind that 'Less is more' I played this one. Leaving lots of space for this beautiful backing track from Lawrence Fritts
Peak position #3 8 1
I decided after some minor retakes and edits to leave this one as it is. I like it to much to do any more damage to it :)
Peak position #6 7
An edited version of the Blues to be. I added a part at the start, I tried to resemble the sound of a old amp/guitar
Peak position #17 4 1
Reassembled Backing from a 12bar.de collab. Left out all the bluesy guitar stuff, re-added my synth, organ and synth bass and laid down some lead lines Darn, diamonds shining through once more..
Peak position #1 4
I wasn't planning on publishing this one here, but I got a couple of Emails asking about the progress on my follow-up on Alone in the crowd. Well I managed to gather the pieces I'm going to use. Now it's all a matter of recording proper versions.
Peak position #7 3 1
My view and notes on "Nobody knows when you're down and out". This one took 2 amps and three guitars and a software failure (with a amazing manual recovery afterwards) to get in a sort of "Done" state.
#16 (Sub-genre) 1
A raw piece I did last weekend just to play away my mood. Two guitar tracks, a simple strange chord sequence thrown in a loop and a jammed lead track.
Peak position #17
An Ambient version of Solitude. All tracks (6), save the thunder and the windy noise, are recorded using a Tokai strat, a Fender Super Champ XD and a G-Major multifx.
Peak position #14 2
I had this one stashed and forgotten for over a year. This week I checked my SC pages and rather liked the quick and dirty version I did using only my Ibanez AE500E
#63 (Sub-genre) 3
After I heard what Mark did with a BT (I send him) and a beautiful poem Sandra wrote, I asked If he would let me join in a collab. I added some lead work. Let's not forget Marks awsome guitar work on this one He played rhythm and some of the leads!
Peak position #12 2 2
Just a bass/drum track and me jammin' like on the Tokai and the Fender strats. Sound is a bit flacky. But I'll re-record anyway
Peak position #7
a quick, single guitar/track noodle, based on notes played around some chords. The trem is a bit to prominent, but can't be edited, it's recorded that way
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