HipHop Flint, MI  USA
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ME PHI ME is the original Hip-Hop Fraternity of ONE. Established in 1989 as a reaction to the emerging negative gangsta rap and empty calorie pop rappers of the time, ME PHI ME's focus was always to push the definition of rap music. If everyone else used samples, ME PHI would use live instruments. If everyone else shouted, ME PHI would whisper. They talked drugs and violence, ME PHI talked love and peace. They made 3:45 radio songs; ME PHI made 11 minute jam songs. "Individuality" is the key. Positively reinforcing the Truth that to follow the crowd denies the great potential of each person's uniqueness.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Last tour was with Sade. Played everywhere around the world. A ME PHI ME live show is a spectacle of hip-hop at it's finest. Favorite moment was at the Fox in Detroit when all the fam came to one show.
Your musical influences
America, Sly & The Family Stone, Seal, Art of Noise, Pink Floyd, Isley Brothers, Kool and The Gang, Earth, Wind and Fire.
What equipment do you use?
E-Mu Emulator III, Roland Jupiter 6, Moog Prodigy, Roland D-50, Emax II, Sequential Prophet 2000, Fender Rhodes, various 12-string acoustic guitars, 5-string bass
Anything else?
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