Baba the Storyteller
Podcasts Downey, CA  USA
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Baba the Storyteller fuses traditional spoken word tale-telling with beats and rhythms born out of Africa.
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Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes.
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Be careful about labeling others.
Peak position #26
Do committees every really solve anything.
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You will know a dancer by the beat of their heart, not by the movement of their feet.
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Instrumental music from the story: 'A Dancer's Heart'
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Freedom ain't Free!
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Nurture what you have and worry less about what you don't have.
Peak position #63
Discerning the difference between Want and Need.
Peak position #75
There is always more than one way of viewing the world.
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Appreciate what you have.
Making assumptions is never a good thing.
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The work you do is your reward.
Peak position #93
A warning on trusting yourself and your informed decisions.
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Instrumental music from the story: 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy.'
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