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... is a Hobby guitar player / Has average skills / Has never taken a lesson / Is a cheapskate / He loves MIC gtrs (owns 3)! / Used to sell low-cost custom guit
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Peak position #20
Cover of 38 Special's Little Sheba Had fun doing this Sorry no vocals. MG cant sing :P ALL tracks by Mad Goose :D Gear: LTD M-10FR + Line 6 Spider IV 15-watt + REAPER
Peak position #10
Cover of April Wine's Sign of The Gypsy Queen. Played to a backing track (bass & drums) Sorry no vocals. MG cant sing :P All guitars by Mad Goose :D Gear: LTD M-10FR + Line 6 Spider IV 15-watt + REAPER
Peak position #15
MG's Hocus Pocus Cover. LTD-M20 FR & Line 6 Spider IV 15watt
#54 (Sub-genre) 1 2
AC/DC Cover. All guitars & vocals by Mad Goose. Played to a guitar backing track.
Peak position #13
Cover of Fate's Heaven's Crying Too from their album Fate V. Cant sing & cant play the leads :P
Peak position #14
Timbre Strat Copy (M-I-China) Line 6 Spider 15Watt REAPER DAW
#34 (Sub-genre)
Another Masayoshi Takanaka cover. Line 6 Spider IV 15 watt amp / 1st half, LTD M-10FR /2nd half, IBZ GRG250. Backing Track by Ayuhide1 (thanks!)
Peak position #35
Can I Sing... For You ( A Masayoshi Takanaka Cover :)
Peak position #52
A cover of Masayoshi Takanaka's Saudade. Played to a MIDI backing track. Ibanez GIO GRG250M-BKN / Line 6 Spider IV 15w
Peak position #10
This is Version 2 with a new solo cos Version 1 sux. Still cant play the original. :)
Peak position #21
Megadeth TEST Cover - played to MIDI drums and bass. Ibanez GIO GRG250M-BKN on the LEFT / LTD M-10FR on the RIGHT. ZOOM 3030 mfx.
Peak position #10
An original tune :) When you wake up late for work.... and then crashed your ride lols!
Peak position #18
Al Di Meola's Midnight Tango Cover. ... and skipped the SuperFast licks and the outro too :/. Oh well...
Peak position #15
Peak in sub-genre #3
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