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Song recorded 15 years ago when my daughter was 6 years old.
Peak position #58
Nightingale recorded on my way to work.
Peak in sub-genre #38
enregistre en Allemagne pour mon amie Odette du Quebec.
Peak in sub-genre #81
A long piece by Alex de Grassi. One of my favorite piece to play
Peak in sub-genre #58 2
That one was recorded with my Bénéteau (I have recorded mostly with the Larrivée which is less boomy and more balanced).
My rendition of the Michael Hedges fingerstyle acoustic guitar piece. Technically a bit of a challenge with some tapping, harmonics mixed with fretted notes and generally running all over the fretboard.
A duet by John Renbourn and Stephan grossman. We sent a copy of the CD to Stephan who graciously replied and pronounced himself pleased with our interpretation of it. It was a nice accolade to say the least.
A nice guitar duet by John James.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Cover version of Lenon's song with two of my friends (voice and tenor saxophone). I wish I could sing like this friend of mine.
Peak in sub-genre #83
I play the single line solo on this duo by Richard A. Séguin and Marc Bénéteau, a rare instance of me playing with a pick. Incidently, Marc Bénéteau is the canadian luthier who built my guitar in 1981.
Peak in sub-genre #47 1
My interpretation of an instrumental by Bruce Cockburn. It's a fairly easy piece to play in spite of sounding kind of difficult. It's all in the fingerpicking hand.
Peak position #26 1
I actually had to learn that one (as opposed to remember one that I once played) ... Thanks to Queequeg for the suggestion
Peak position #37
HCAG request from Kwakatak
Peak in sub-genre #36
for dparr in HCAG
Peak position #20
Four HCEGers getting together to collaborate on an instrumental song.
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