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Electronic Valparaiso, IN  USA
Thank you!
Audix's debut album "One Day Millennium" is now released! Check out previews at! Greg Michalec (artist name of Audix) produces a unique orchestral electronic style that has garnered hundreds of thousands of plays online and landed him the unique gig of producing the Valparaiso University (NCAA Division I) men's basketball starting lineups music: He was also a significant contributor to the GoldenEye: Source Soundtrack - preview video here:
Your musical influences
Orchestral/electronic/rock soundtrack influences, with blends of all kinds of styles.
What equipment do you use?
Software: Mainly Fl Studio, Sytrus, EWQL silver, and a fairly large assortment of other samples Hardware: MK-461C Evolution keyboard and ATH-M40 Audio Technica Headphones
Anything else?
Thanks for listening to my stuff! Please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you enjoy it!
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