Undead Kings
Metal United Kingdom
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death metal heavy rock riffage
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Peak position #61
no lyrics or solo..
not final at all, just testing a recording process, I need to redo the final parts before I finish this proaperly. my DAW is playing up so it may take a while.
Peak position #72
Testing a tone I managed to make.
Peak position #74
demo of my bathrooms reverb :)
Peak position #97
possably some vocals to come
Peak in sub-genre #30
repoba deus
Peak in sub-genre #57
demo of weber attenuator on my killer ant 1 watt amp. there is a peak early in when i bypass the weber
Peak position #82
don't take this seriously.. it's for fun...
Peak in sub-genre #65
Some sort of mixture that went bad...
Peak in sub-genre #100
demo of my new telecaster
Peak in sub-genre #23
testing my new fuzz pedal
Peak in sub-genre #32
puss and goo
Peak position #65
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