Mental Blue
Electronic Zagreb, Croatia
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Mental Dimension
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Peak position #85 1 1
Electro Trance medley with finest melodic variations. Powerfull but squeeky resonant leeds are pushing you to jump and dance. Than again a gentle sexy voice hipnotizes you to another mental state...
Peak in sub-genre #58
Trance and dance. Jogging around an thinking about the digital future. All you need is power! Power to run, power to survive, power to get a better future, power to believe, power to power yourself. Lt the vibrational dance give you power to the las
Peak in sub-genre #40
Repetitive theme witch juicy drumbeats. Was primarly created and composed cca. 8 years ago. Now a 2008/09 remake. A refreshing atmosphere, with more crispy sounds than 8 years ago.
Peak in sub-genre #29 1
Progressively hopping beats will invoke a party beast inside. Let yourself go to the state of happiness and party. Dance to the end...
Peak in sub-genre #40
Swirling a repetitive pattern the melody is playing with you! Thrilling trough the song/story of the playful part of everyone. hard to say if its jazz, new age or a simple playful musical entity having just one thing in mind. To bring you joy all the
Peak in sub-genre #83
Orchestral joy!
Peak in sub-genre #28
Plopping drop by drop in rhythm of movement. Happily trancing around with clean beats mixed with synthetic voices of the background vocal-synth. Don't you jiggle already? ;)
Peak in sub-genre #79
Time to relax! Starting soft and fading between spacey ambients with mellow piano. Lean back relax. Allow your mind to ...
Peak in sub-genre #54
Orchestral, bright, wide open, theatrical and spectacular arrangement is announcing something BIG! What is it? Listen to it and tell me what you saw while listening to it!
Peak in sub-genre #27
When the electronic sun is melting down the silicon sky and pumping rhythm ...
Peak position #58
In the year 2069 the society invented a NEVERENDING RYTHM...
Peak in sub-genre #86
Relax. Dive into a specific world of chilling down. Electric guitar, Chinese sitar, and mellow piano riffs are mixed up together in a softly manner. It really does'nt matter in what mood you are - you will be relaxed at the and. All you need is to l
Peak in sub-genre #95
Tribes. Deep forest - an ancient tribe chief sings the wedding song. Outstanding traditional tribe song mixed up with a psychedelic Goa trance electro mashup. Future sound of club tribe.
An ispirative spy song. Mybe the background of the newest James Bond movie. be supprised with the instrumental flow of action and spy secret sounds.
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