Acoustic Mukwonago, WI  USA
Thank you!
I just had a few songs, I like to play and do some recording of it, Its nothing serious. I just thought it would be a neat thing to get a couple songs on the net.
Band/artist history
I play with people sometimes, jam with friends and whatnot.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Looking forward to it. I played once in Oconomowoc in front of a bunch of random people at an open-mic night.
Your musical influences
A lot of dispatch and sublime. There is also Easy E, Red Hot Chille Peppers, Bright Eyes, a ton of other neat stuff. I would like to play a ton of different genres, and have a rediculous huge variance of style in my songs, my musical style changes whenever I get into new music, or hear something interesting.
What equipment do you use?
Electric, acoustic guitars, keyboard, bongos, a little bit techno beats.
Anything else?
I love people, part of my reason for joining this is to meet people from around my area.
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