Acoustic Mukwonago, WI  USA
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Some accoustic stuff, some techno, reggae, alternative. Just for fun, nothin serious, but I have some cool music.
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Peak in sub-genre #46
No coffee that day.
About a changing life.
Peak in sub-genre #78
cute song about life. and stuff.
If you listen to this song intently, you might start imagining a beautiful rolling pasture where kittens frolic. Then, somewhere, halfway through, they all get eaten by laser beams. I fruity looped this a while back. It would be great for some vid
Quite an old song I wrote, but its probably one of my best, not instrumentaly, but because of its feeling or something like that. Basic, overdrive guitar with my super purdy voice.
Silly old song about the epic battle between Ninjas and Pirates. The quality is fairly terrible. Brads playin drums, and lauren is supplying back-up vocals!
A neat little diddy, meant to be a sweet little rave song. Picture strobe lights and extasy. One of those.
Peak in sub-genre #40
I just learned how to play 2 blues chords, and I thought they were kinda neat so I hit the record button and improvised a song about drinking. I love drinking.
Sexy song with sexual undertones, kinda more rock-ish.
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