lucid SA
Electronic South Africa
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ambient, breakbeat, IDM, chillout, DnB, progressive
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Peak in sub-genre #4
Powerful ambient/breakbeat that I just cant finish. Iis basically just a backing track consisting of 2 verses and a bridge section. If you can tell me what I can do to it PLEASE mail me... coz im clueless!
Peak in sub-genre #6
Chilled Hip Hop with female backing vocals
Peak in sub-genre #28
Dark ambient/breakbeat. Very short & simple
Peak in sub-genre #82
3 part breakbeat tune. a lot harder than most of my trax
Peak in sub-genre #30
Lounge/chillout with female vocals. Just need to find the right chick. Check out 'Fade Away - Vocal Melody'. The Rhodes you hear in the beginning of the track is the melody she's going to sing to
Peak in sub-genre #9
The female vocals that I'm going to add to Fade Away will run along this melody...
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