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Solo artist who records a variety of music according to current liking. Also a part of the band Virtual Preserve where I play guitar and vocals, check them out
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Alternative rock track with myself as guest vocalist.
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A beautiful song in the Cornish Language created by a fantastically talented musician called Brian Webb. This is a reinterpretation of the original acoustic version.
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Although many of us move where life takes us, at some point the call of home comes to us, the familiar rhythm of home.
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Oppression comes in many forms, either cultural derision and diminution, language imposition, reduced economic opportunity. This song is fundamentally about the destruction of indiginous communities through these means.
Peak in sub-genre #76
A song in the Cornish language about those embarrassing times when love just makes you a bit crazy
Peak in sub-genre #92
A cool song about relationships and not getting through them too well!
A short synth piece, with a classic dark sci-fi feel.
An instrumental piece, just messing around with a good drum beat and a new guitar!
Peak in sub-genre #4
Exploration of the use of stereo and wholly digital music.
Peak in sub-genre #83 1
Kan sempel a-dro dhe Estenyon a dhos dh'agan planet rag aswonn agan gnas ha'n dyskansow a-dhiworta. A simple song about aliens coming to our planet to study our nature and the lessons to learn from that.
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