Carlo D'Anna
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Cosmic Coffee Reflections w (Morten and Zozimo)
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Zozimo: synths, effects, main bass "riff" in "ostinato"; Morten Gjermundsen: guitar melody composition and performance; Carlo D'Anna: Mellotron (intro and middle), Ebow guitar, poem composition and recitation, final mastering.
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September 29, 2015
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Bitrate: 320 kbps. Runtime: 7:11. File size: 16.42 MB.
Writer (words/music)
Zozimo Rech -Morten Gjermundsen -Carlo D'Anna
I walk stealthily into the heart of the cafe Vaguely shifting over floorboards, riddled with wormholes Which tunnel deeply, relentlessly under the age sodden table legs. Within the heart, faces of men and women shine effluviantly under a candle glow. Waxy aspects betraying important conversation. My tired mind squirming down thoughts onto paper, like old toothpaste out of a punctured tube. Then, at the end of the bar, he, with the grace of a cat slid eternally out of his seat. I watched, consuming the action, immersed in motion, swept by the provocations of his movement. He turned with a glare of ancient deserts, loneliness permanently inscribed in the hollow craters of his eyes. The man faced the heart of the cafe, portraying reflections of his emptiness. The longings of an embittered soul, sending spores of inspiration. to fertilize my mind.
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