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Peak in sub-genre #35
I am there (feat. Pixieguts) - track 8 from the Electric Jungle album (2012)
Peak position #1 2 3
In this deeply emotional and beautiful track Marie Craven (Pixieguts) sings lyrics inspired by and partially used from Isabel Lavender's poem 'The sad word goodbye'.
Peak in sub-genre #30 2
Side by side is a track about the seasons of relationships with the lush vocals by Pixieguts and the refreshing sound of Voide.
Traffic has a solid beat with some dreamy pads and acid lines. The arrangement is somewhat of an experiment as there is a breakdown pretty early in the track, that is compensated for later :)
Peak position #86
The beat of you is a electronic dance track with pop-taste in a refreshed spirit of Donna Summer performed by Australian vocalist Pixieguts (Marie Craven). This track definitely has the potential to get the dance floor moving, especially in the elect
Peak in sub-genre #84
When the skies are grey is a electronica track about longing and hope with vocals by Voide using vocoders in traditional fashion. It is an emotional track with feeling and a rather dark and interesting synthpop sound.
This cybergoth track with excellent sequenced synthesizers by Voide features vocals by Australian vocalist Pixieguts (Marie Craven). A unique track that is dark and moody and definitely something that is not 'common' sounding.
This instrumental track features a fat synth bass line, distorted drums to back up the original beat and have a lovely string melody in contrast. Can be seen as a further development of the Autumn track from the Space Sponge album (2007).
Peak in sub-genre #69
Into the sun is the first track that is the result of the collaboration by Pixieguts and Voide. It features dreamy soundscapes and traditional synth elements while the vocals adds that extra dimension to a track that is about passion and love.
Peak in sub-genre #58
Freedom by Voide have a bit provoking view of freedom spiced with irony. By definition 'freedom' is not something that one can give away, if it is then you have already lost it.
Peak in sub-genre #86
This is a perfect track to listen to while on your way home to your family, especially on a dark and gloomy day. The melody of the track is really carried by the vintage bass sound while the beat may represent your steps walking home.
Lazy is a track about taking the time to enjoy life.
Electronica with a rather traditional beat but non-traditional structure and feeling to it. The snare drums are inspired by Kraftwerk. A short electronic daydream.
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