Rock Athens, Greece
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Peak in sub-genre #93
Improvisation on a Yannis Markopoulos song Lead, rhythm and bass guitars by me Drum pattern by JimDooley.Net (Many Thanks)
Peak in sub-genre #5
Improvisation on a Manos Loizos song Guitars and bass by me Drum track by LumBeat on YouTube (Many Thanks) Please enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #10
Lyrics in Greek found at blog "panosz.wordpress.com" Guitars as usual, two lines of drums from Greg Kocis YT and guitarlessons2k on YouTube. Many thanks to both of them. Please forgive my roughandtumble voice, I felt I had to sing that one
Peak in sub-genre #27
Music and Guitar by me Rhythm pattern snatched from Jim Dooley on YouTube
Peak in sub-genre #6
All Guitars and Music by me Drums pattern by Greg Kocis YT on YouTube (Many Thanks) Please Enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #44
Respect to LIGO and the great discovery it made. Music and guitars by me Rhythm Pattern by "guitarlessons2k" on YouTube Intro: The voice of Professor David Reitze, LIGO Laboratory Executive Director making the announcement
Peak in sub-genre #33
Rock Cover of the famous Jazz standard "Take Five" Rhythm, Lead and Bass Guitar by me. Rhythm pattern by "Greg Kocis YT" on YouTube Pls enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #2
Peak in sub-genre #46
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Peak in sub-genre #99
Peak in sub-genre #16 1
A poem by Greek poet, Nikos Kavvadias. Many thanks to Nina, for the vocals.
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