Michael Hughes
Acoustic Auburn, ME  USA
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Michael Hughes, Auburn, Maine. Original acoustic & electric music.
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#71 (Main) 12 10
A little waltz in search of a good night's sleep. Classical guitar, Weissenborn guitar, stand-up bass.
Peak position #77 5 1
Weissenborn lap steel and National baritone guitars here, for a cloudy spring day.
Peak position #1 20 14
The String Band from Hell just finished up a year-long gig in Dis, which is why my clothes smell like sulfer. Banjo, mandolin, djembe, fiddlesticks, stand-up bass, acoustic guitar, lap steel & vocal stylings. Note: Play this one very, very loud.
Peak position #36 7 5
For Stephany and Ezra, the December babies. I'm playing baritone National in dropped-D, lap style National tricone in GBDGBD, and octave mandolin.
Peak position #72 8 7
An instrumental from The Suck Tones inspired by the soundtrack of Sponge Bob and a question from Ezra. Remington 8-string table steel, mandolin, ukelele, acoustic guitar, electric bass & brushes on the djembe.
Peak position #17 10 9
For my old friend Michael Silvestri. High-string parlor guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin and lap steel guitar. You can hear Michael's beautiful guitar playing here: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=78325
Peak position #53 4 1
...my favorite month. A dance in the leaves, New England string band style. Baritone & lap style National steel guitars, octave mandolin, banjo and stand-up bass. Lacy and a New England aster in the pic...
Peak position #1 7 5
Maybe you know the feeling? You thought you had something, and then it's going, going, and one day it's just gone, man. And, of course, that look on your face...The Anti-Depressants on lap steel, guitar, strings & stand-up bass.
Peak position #1 12 9
One of those beautiful traditional American songs pulled up from the well by Bascom Lamar Lunsford in North Carolina in the 1920s. The Suck Tones here as a southern old time string band. This one's for Lou, Grant & Michel, the railroad men.
Peak position #42 4 3
This one's for the birds. Solo classical guitar.
Peak position #8 8 7
Based on the memory of some recordings of guitar music from Zaire. Two 'rhythm' tracks from a table steel in C6 tuning, lead from an old Gibson lap steel; acoustic guitar, bass and percussion.
Peak position #28 4 1
National tricone baritone and Weissenborn guitars, along with my Kay stand-up bass. Another spring!
Peak in sub-genre #30 2
A song about the weather from Alec Wilder. This one is in memory of my good black cat and, of course, so much more. National baritone and vocal sounds. Used with permission.
Peak position #65 3 3
Baritone National Reso-phonic tricone guitar on rhythm and lead, stand-up bass, snare drum and Exel 8-string lap steel. This one's for Michelle.
Peak position #76 9 7
Sarah Radovich, vocals; National steel, guitar, bass by yrs truly; Jeff Learman, piano; Chris Houle, drums; mixed by Bruce Valeriani of Blue Bear Sound, Ottawa; mastered by John Scrip of Massive Mastering.
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