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Honest Good Time Rock & Roll
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For all the up and comers, fighting adversity.
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Jimmy Carter made a comment about the Bush Administration that they didn't like. They called him 'increasingly irelevant', when i heard that I thought man I need to write a song.
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As the end of the year approaches it about reflecting on the past as well as the future.
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Had to go to the doctor recently and have a checkup. That was the inspiration for this song.
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With all the predators out there preying on innocent people we need some Cowboy Justice.
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Song about a man who refuses to evacuate the hurricane.
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Some of the best food I ever had !
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The spanish conquistadors used to call the desolate area of west texas and northern Mexico the 'El despoblado' because it was so sparesly populated, but all the while there were people living there. Now days it is known as Big Bend National Park.
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