Pop Brighton, United Kingdom
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Peak position #86
As the overture fades a marching band introduces our hero to the world and he is given some advice
Peak in sub-genre #7
Sometimes there is no choice, or is there? Rebsie Fairholm sings and a Macjams choir lends its voice.
Peak position #44
What a wonderful thing it is to have a job. Thanks to chf for adding his organ ;) Dick sings.
Peak position #16
The waster explains the benefits of the benefit system. Graeme sings. Tom Franz is the therapist.
Peak position #62
Our benefits cheat is caught out and this is his repsonse. Graeme sings.
Peak position #83
Promises, promises .... now read 'the story behind the song' Graeme Hobbs wrote the words Dick and Graeme did the music Dick sings
Peak in sub-genre #3
The politician has just made his pitch in the pub and it all goes a little mad. Cacophony, dissonance and madness was the aim. Graeme sings WIth thanks to Bob, Bryn, Cracks, Nick, Pete and Vic for their contributions.
Peak position #88
Our hero wins the lottery but it's not what he expects.
Peak in sub-genre #5
Peak in sub-genre #6
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