Chuck and Linda Sylvester
Pop Cinnaminson, NJ  USA
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Story of My Life
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This pretty much sums it up for me: where I've been, where I am, where I'm going.
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January 03, 2016
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Story behind the song
Pretty much sums it up for me.
VS1: Bad luck what's the use of trying Hard times are nothing new Story of my life, nothing ever changes Well that became my former point of view VS2: Burned out, jaded, disillusioned Trapped inside the story of my sin Until the Author took His pen, wrote my sin out of the story Freed me from the prison I was in CRS: Now the story of my life is the story of the cross The story is no longer about me He rewrote the lines, restored the loss Now the story of my life Is the story of the One who died for me VS3: New page, all has been forgiven Covered by the Father's saving love This script will have a happy ending Written in the Savior's precious blood (Repeat CRS) BRG: I was the writer and producer and director It was a tragic, convoluted kind of tale The leading character was me Oh what a stunningly fantastic epic ....FAIL! But now (Repeat CRS 2X) Now the story of my life is the one I love to tell Where the Son of God came down to earth to rescue me from hell Yeah, the story of my life is the living word of God That He wrote upon my heart to set me free © 2014-2015 Chuck Sylvester. All rights reserved.
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