Electronic Urbana, IL  USA
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ambient, psychedelic, landscape, improv
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Peak in sub-genre #72
micro pog>attack sustain>big muff>polyphase
Peak in sub-genre #49
Micro Pog>Pigtronix Attack Sustain>Poly Phase
2880 Loop Cello, Keyboards, Vocals Vocals>MXR Super Comp>Fuzz Factory>Boss OC-2>DL4
Peak in sub-genre #90
Vocal Loop Vocals>MXR Super Comp>Fuzz Factory>Boss OC-2>EHX XO Electris Mistress>DL4
Vocal Loop MXR Super Comp>Fuzz Factory>Boss OC-2>Line 6 DL4
song created with the Korg R3 and the Electro Harmonix 2880
DL4 loop, and stereo panning with Danelectro Chicken Salad, Line6 Echo Park, Line6 Tap Trem
fuzz factory>tonefactor analog filter>Boss oc2>digiverb 100% wet
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