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This song is about Facebook bringing all of us old highschool buddies together again. I wonder can you go back? Should you? Because even if sometimes you really shouldn't you still feel the need to.
Peak position #20 2 1
This song is basically about realizing you are in a dream and if that is the case trying to manipulate it to go the way you want.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Rock song with cool hook. About a woman and her life that doesn't always reflect the young girl she still feels like on the inside
Peak position #52 1 1
Rock song about a woman trying to make it day to day, wishing she could make it off her music, while not being able to. All the while having a dream to live the fast life
Peak position #91
a wedding song with a country feel. The man promises the woman to never slow dance with another
Peak in sub-genre #30
Rock. About a woman contemplating an abusive relationship. It's a surprisingly upbeat song though.
Peak position #42
Funky Blues feel with cool hook about a friend of mine who is a talented songwriter who should be discovered. Tornadoes = life's troubles, Limousines = her life's dream
Peak in sub-genre #20
As in it isn't turning out the way I had it planned. Written for a friend unlucky in love. Country
Peak position #24 2 1
about a dear friend that I moved to far away from to visit. That I never see now because he died. As close to Pop as I think I get. I've been told it's a ballad
Peak in sub-genre #31
Country Folk. About a woman who fantasizes about a meeting with a man she has met on the Internet face to face
Peak position #75
A wedding song with a Country feel.
Peak in sub-genre #84
A slow song about someone who just wants to give up on their dream because it's difficult to keep going sometimes. Then suddenly something good happens and all the struggle seems more than worth it.
Peak in sub-genre #38
about a mum watching her kids grow and go, waving from her window. this song has a country feel
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