Painful Companion
Alternative The lost west, Brazil
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All of a gift... such a painful companion...inside of me.......
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Peak position #62
Made this song to test the recording of an acoustic guitar (Takamine) works great ! ;-)
Peak position #65
Cooperation with MissJudged at ccMixter. Thanks to Nicola for lending her beautiful voice on that track !! ( No "git's" used here...just and only BASSES !
Peak position #67
Wrote this song, way before i found the great voices (samples) of Amelia and Nicole at CC-Mixter. It's such a great symbiosis...still unbelievable. Like it have been made for each other.... THANKS!
Peak position #62 1
A coproduction via CC-Mixter. Wonderful singers are Yamamya (Japan/Kawasaki) and Nicole from Narva9! Thanks to both of you spending your beautiful lyrics and voices !! I luv dis track ....
Peak position #12 1
Inspired by Mr. B.H. Warner
Peak position #29 1
Thoughts on a lonely walk after midnight....
Peak position #21
A cooperation with Paer Haellquist, back then at CB-Net .
Peak position #28
Peak position #4
My very first track, made only by midi-notes ! Back in 2006 !?.. It was a challenge at the Cubase-Forum to make a track only with the onboard midi plug-ins in Cubase SX3 !) Back was really some kind of revelation, to me !! ;-)
Peak position #17 1
Almost forgotten, i found it at an old backup-drive. A piece of my vast...epic..monumental era.... I like those BIG sounds !! ;-)
Peak position #29
Back then, written under the impression of the staged gulf-war... listen carefully to all audible comments !! (Unpublished track from "The Lost West")
Peak position #24
Title and guiding sense through my very first album. "The Lost West"
Peak position #60
PC feat. Broe and the POC
Peak position #44 1
Guitars recorded through an old Korg (GR1) gated reverb, from the 70's. Makes an overall influence to the whole sound of this track. Listen..... ;-)
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