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There is a greater will higher than ourselves. Inspired by the book "The Will of God" by Leslie Weatherhead, and the Feast of Trumpets 2018.
#16 today (Main)
"He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."
#9 today (Sub-genre)
It's not that hard to listen.
#43 today (Sub-genre)
Movement is based off of the statutes declared in Leviticus Chapters 18, 19, and 20. The children of Israel shall observe all of his judgments and do them... for he is Elohim.
#25 today (Sub-genre)
Movement is based off of the priests from the sons of Aaron, found in Leviticus Chapters 21 and 22. They shall be holy unto their Elohim, and not profane the name... for the offerings are made by fire.
#23 today (Sub-genre)
Movement is based off of the feasts of Elohim, as declared in Leviticus Chapters 23, 24, and 25. They shall be proclaimed as holy convocations... even the Sabbaths of rest.
#90 today (Sub-genre)
Movement is based off of the breaches spoken about in Leviticus Chapter 24. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth... as he has caused a blemish, so shall it be done to him.
#10 today (Sub-genre)
Movement is based on the redemption of Jubilee, as declared in Leviticus Chapter 25. And they shall reckon from the year which was sold until the year of Jubilee, the price according to the numbers served. All will be restored.
#9 today (Sub-genre)
Movement is based on the blessings and cursings described in Leviticus Chapter 26. He will walk among his people if hearkened... yet if they walk contrary, they will be despised. This is the covenant.
#10 today (Sub-genre)
Movement is based on the tithes and sanctifications mentioned in Leviticus Chapter 27. When a singular vow is given, there shall be an estimation presented. The value of its redemption shall be holy.
#50 today (Sub-genre)
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