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Was wrote during some hard times in my life..
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This song was birthed before a mission trip to India. Hope you like it. It just recorded with my phone so not great quality that's for sure :)
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This song was wrote and composed by Tom Solanto. He asked me to be a vocal on this song and as soon as I read the lyrics I loved it! I could really relate to the song "like a bird with no wings" at one point of time in my life.
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This song is about a prodical child.. who had made a choice to live without putting God first. AND God is speaking to his child longing for the child to come back to the father..
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This song is a song devoted to the baby's who are aborted. They need a voice and well will be that voice for them! We will declare life and not death.. We will cry out to God for mercy and to the abortion doctors and nurses for a change of heart and
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Another version.. a pitch higher
Peak in sub-genre #81
This song is about life and Death.. a song about freedom and change.. A declaration to life! A song of all the innocent blood shed and lawlessness that takes place in our country. This song is about children and the new Holocaust.. today's holocaust
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This is a song about the cross... what he did on the Cross.. And what he can do if you would only believe..
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It's about loved ones who have past on.. and the journey of the ones left to mourn.. the questions we ask ourselves and God. The healing process, trusting that God is still with us. healing our broken hearts, the hope that our loved ones have made i
Peak in sub-genre #91
As I bow down is a song about surrendering to God in Everyway. When we do we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us..
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