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The Real Redrum
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Growing up in New York, beatboxing and rhymes was the life blood of expression for REDRUM. Taking chances in life, Capture moments in songs, . In 2014 back from
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2nd Single off the "Crack the Surface" Mixtape droppin 2015
The New Single off the "Crack the Surface" Mixtape dropping 2015
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REDRUM Talks out to Capitol hill with issues worth fighting for, for the Streets & our future youth..
Peak position #1
REDRUM brings you up and personal to his surroundings with a story of making it out of a struggle of one of his darkest days..
This song is about all the hard work a Rapper has to go through in the underground of this industry to make a name for themselves for get a chance to get signed, and the respect for the grind.
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REDRUM's Debut Single is catching a buzz ! (Available WorldWide on All the Major Online Music Stores - iTunes, Rhapsody , Napster, Sony Connect etc..)
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