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Comedy St. Louis, MO  USA
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Twinkie King
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Parody of Fleetwood Mac's 'Silver Springs', want some REALLY bad pick up lines? Try this on for size.
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March 15, 2015
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David © 2008
Story behind the song
I'm not 100% sure where the idea for this one hit me, but it did, and as I was writing it I was getting a good laugh from it, so I figured I must have done something right:)
I could be your Twinkie King Soft crust, sweet cream filling Warm and moist I'll make you scream Your big Ding Dong, I'm so thrilling So I'll sing you this ditty Corny but, I'll fill you Baby please be my Ho Ho So Cup Cakes, please be my boo Choc'late, topped with icing Be my little donut hole If you're full, you must hate me now--woah You may think I am nutty Like a bowl of fresh cashews Honey, grow on me like mold Green mold And you may need a soft oven mitt Can you handle all my rolls I'm trying to flirt with you but you just laugh at me I'll be your sugar baby but you think I'm crazy I wannabe your Snickers Bar, but you want to melt me I know I'd satisfy you, but you are not hungry I'm crunchy like mounds, it's profound--yes I really adore you (Let me be your man!) I'm twisted and bound all around like a pretzel for you boo (Let me be your food!) Love you like Milk Duds, be my Fudge, and you know I will be true (I don't make much sense) I'll be your Milky Way, someday cravings will start inside you
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