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Every Call I Make
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This Parody of the famous 'Every Breath You Take', often referred to as the stalker song, makes it a wee bit more obvious-except from the angle of what the person on the other side of the original may have felt, but I do like the original too.
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July 28, 2018
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Every Call I Make and Every Piss I Take Every Unpaid Break Every Day I Wake You've Been Watching Me Even When I lay You see everything You're worse than a Stray Everywhere I Stay You'll Be Watching Me Oh Can't You See That You're Scaring Me Why Can't I Escape From the Pics you Take The web sites You Make Every Law You Break Can't play at the lake, I can't masturbate Cause You're Watching Me Since You've Come, I've Been Scared to Wash My Face When I have sex I find vids all over the place I Called the Cops and They Could Not find a Trace I Think You're Nuts, What's your obsession with my face I Keep Begging, Leave Me, Leave Me Please. . . . I Beg of Thee Please Stop Stalking Me How My Pride does Break With Every Shrine You Make Every Friend I Make Is a New Mistake More pictures you'll take Wish you'd go away You'll Be Watching Me If I'm on a Date or I'm with my Mate You'll Be Watching Me You'll Be Watching Me You'll Be Watching Me Why You Stalking Me? eh-heee Please Don't Follow Me Can't Escape from Thee! Why You Watching Me????? Please stop stalking me Please Stop stalking me Get away from me
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